We all know that once we hit October, were officially in the thick of the holiday season. In the past, we would have had our plane tickets at the ready and traveled to our favorite destination, searched the web for the perfect gift, and lounged in a room filled with at least 20 relatives all sleepy and stuffed from a huge meal. But a lot has changed in the short span of a year.
Where wed usually be excited to throw ourselves into these seasonal traditions, were now wary of the new risks theyre accompanied by. And these fears might have many of us worrying about whether or not we can safely celebrate at all!Dont stress holiday celebrations are still a go for 2020. Things will just look a little different this year. Tis still the season to be jolly, even if its just you, your partner, and your two and a half children. The holiday season is special because of who you spend it with, not because of how many people you can fit around your dining table. So what does hosting a stress-free and socially distanced celebration look like this year? By researching the guidelines provided by the CDC, we were able to put together a few tips and tricks to help ensure no holiday season is left behind! However, its also important to note that the CDC recommends that you check and follow your state, local, or territorial specific laws as they may be different than what the federal government proposes. So wear a mask, wash your hands, and take a dive into the end of the year festivities!